Literary drought

This didn't work at all on Facebook, so I'm hoping with the semi-permanent nature of Livejournal posts these days (what with the friends page being sparsely populated), it'll work better here. I feel like I'm out of books to read and need suggestions. Anyone?
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Thou shalt not.

I feel like all I do is complain about religion and the weather on here. So why break a streak, I guess?

I've been thinking about kosher rules, because of Passover coming up (and I read food blogs, and they talk about this kind of thing). I get why dietary restriction rules related to religion came into being - on a basic level, it was dangerous to eat some stuff, and religious leaders took the opportunity to step in and prevent illness. That's especially obvious with pork and shellfish. That said, there are the social reasons, too - alcohol, for example, is a pretty obvious cause of some serious social ills, so it's kind of a no-brainer if you'd like people to stop having pre-marital sex and getting into fights. Then there are the morality-based rules, like vegetarianism, which I can also understand if you're working from the premise that killing animals is wrong. (The no milk and meat thing is a variation on this, of course, and it's kind of a stretch, but I'll go with it for the purposes of discussion.)

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Also, it's supposed to snow tonight. Whine whine whine. (Just keeping my end up.)
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Storm Petrel

Still flying

Well, my application reading job is officially over. I'm sad to see it go. It's refreshing, however, to finally have experienced a position (for a whole six months!) that I actually enjoy. A job. That I like. Dear god.

Anyway, I'm not sure what I'm doing next, but I think I've finally gotten exasperated enough with my tutoring job that anything is better, temp jobs included. While I sort of hate the idea, making something related to a decent amount of money would be nice.

The good parts of life are still good - being in love with Elias, hanging out with good friends, cooking interesting food, reading books. One of these days I'll have a job to go along with these things, and that will be better. But they're enough for now.
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Victorian amusements

Ladies and gentlemen who care to delve into the dark secrets of Forgotten London and discover what lurks in the 'neath, I direct you to Echo Bazaar.

Ryan, Zach, Fish - this means you.

(It does require Facebook or Twitter account info, but it's worth it.)
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Also, I'm mad with power.

So, it turns out that reading college applications is actually fascinating. I'm having a gay old time. I didn't think it would be bad, but I'm surprised by how much I like it.

Not much news, otherwise, aside from Elias being completely awesome and desirable (Ahem. Professionally.) and getting a new job that's actually for his old company. His old boss just dropped him a line out of the blue, ended up telling him how much they'd love to have him back, and made an excellent offer, and here we are.

Clearly, Macalester's admissions office needs to do the same for me. I think I've actually found a job that I'm both qualified for and would really enjoy doing. (Don't faint.) Now someone just needs to leave the admissions office so I can have a real position instead of contract work. You never know.
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Storm Petrel

Are you with me?

Christmas and post-Christmas vacation this year were pretty great. Going to my parents' in Austin is always lovely, and we had a wonderful time this year. In addition to a lot of laying around and eating wonderful food, we also went for a hike at Enchanted Rock. Why is climbing around on rocks so awesome? It's one of life's great mysteries.

After Austin, Elias and I had a few extra days off, and with the shiny new video games, books, and, on my part, Kindle, that we got for Christmas, it was an excellent time. We saw quite a few friends, and between those visits, complete with board games and Rock Band 3, and the rest of the time spent playing video games and hanging out, it was like a little pocket of college again. I just want to hang out with my friends and play games all the time. Is that so wrong?

In more masochistic news, I went to a heated yoga class on Saturday that focused on completing 108 sun salutations. It was...difficult. There must have been at least 90 people in there, and since the room started at 95 degrees, I think it was about 105 by the end, and so humid it felt like it might start raining at any moment. That said, I did all 108 salutations, so I was proud of myself. My hamstrings disagree.

I'm filled with hope for the upcoming year. I don't know what will happen with employment, which is my major concern, but I'm optimistic that either Macalester might offer me an opportunity, or that I might get some other admissions work as a result of my experience. I do know that, regardless of what else happens, Elias and I are in love and always will be, and, regardless of latitude and longitude, friends and family sustain us both.
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Deep and crisp and even

I'm very glad that it's almost Christmas and that Elias and I are going to Austin to see my parents. I feel like I can definitely use some time to relax, and there's no place better for it than your parents' house. With the possible exception of tropical beaches. But it's 50/50.

Today's the last day of my interviewing job at Macalester (not that I have any interviews today), but I did end up getting the job to read applications. That's nice, and will last until the end of February. In the long term, I have failed to find brilliant solutions to the problem of employment, but for the short term, I'm doing ok.

Today is also the last day of krav maga, which means, of course, that I have become an unstoppable fighting machine. Clearly. To further hone our killer instincts, Elias and I are considering taking another six-week session in January and February. We'll see.

In other news, there's the obvious tons of snow, which, I have to say, is a lot more of a pain in the ass when it falls in increments larger than a foot. I feel like the Cities can handle 12 inches, but 17 seems to be a problem. I mean, at some point, you have to put the physical bulk of it somewhere or you can't see around corners anymore. I'm not joking. Line of sight for making left turns has become a major issue.

Anyway, it's almost Christmas and I only have a few days of work left at my other job, so the feeling of holiday vacation is increasing by the hour. Next thing you know I'll be capping off the morning workout with a mimosa.
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Don't say I didn't warn you.

I know this is probably going to sound ridiculous, given that my fellow Democrats have given up long ago, but, nonetheless - I've finally gotten fed up with Obama for ceding ground. Health care was a little disappointing, but I could accept the political necessity of the sacrifices that were made. But this? Instead of fixing a major debt problem by allowing tax cuts that never should have been enacted to expire, we're compounding the problem by adding new ones while simultaneously extending unemployment insurance? Yeah, this is going to work out great.

Also, it would be nice if the Republicans stopped acting like kindergartners. Their entire political stance is "I can't hear you; I'm not even listening!" Ok, that's not entirely fair. There's also a bit of "I know you are but what am I?" and "I'm not touching you!"
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If the fates allow

Man, there is nothing like job searching to destroy your soul. It's pretty much a guarantee. One wonders if all employers just perversely enjoy listing completely ludicrous requirements for their job postings, or if they all really feel they need 5+ years of experience for any applicant. Heads-up to you employers out there - chances are good that the fact that I'm twice as smart as most of your other applicants will compensate for at least three years of experience. Of course, my inability to tolerate boredom and repetition is probably a black mark.

Obviously, I'm looking at employment opportunities for after the interviewing job is over. There's another temporary job at Mac in admissions, but the competition seems kind of insane, so I don't know if it'll work out.

Well, anyway, whining aside, Thanksgiving was awesome and Elias and I have a beautiful Christmas tree (that Tristan wants with all his soul to destroy, but we'll ignore that for the present). I'm really looking forward to Christmas and going to Austin to see my parents. Christmas just makes everything better.
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